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Anneleen has a Master’s degree in Educational Sciences. After working in youth welfare for a number of years, she started as a site assistant at Sirris in 2014.  She was initially concerned with smooth administrative operations, room reservations and the reports on testing metals.

Today she is also responsible for the development of the labs into becoming an independent service within Sirris and for the associated customer contacts and communications.  

She took the initiative to almost completely automate the reporting of metal tests and introduced QRM (quick response manufacturing) principles to the labs. This ensured shorter lead times and greater efficiency, which was soon noticed by the customers.

Anneleen is the driving force behind the website and other publications for the testlabs and she is the point of contact for testing. Above all, she is responsible for the initial customer contact and matches you up with the appropriate experts to get the job properly done.

Anneleen Dehandschutter
Customer Service Representative

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