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In 2003, Benjamin joined the Sirris Additive Manufacturing Team. Starting as a hands-on expert, he gradually evolved to a full-time advisor for companies exploring 3D printing. Today Benjamin is considered as one of the top experts in 3D printing, as his know-how surpasses widely the purely technological aspects: he is heavily involved in defining industrial roadmaps on the technology and in translating these into specific research projects. Next, he gives advice to the European Economic and Social Committee on how policy can intervene to help European economy benefit from the opportunities enabled by 3D printing.

Benjamin holds a master’s degree in electro-mechanical engineering, in materials engineering and he obtained an MBA at the Vlerick Business School in 2013. He is passionate about innovation management, the mechanisms behind ecosystems and value chains. Recently he outlined the new strategy for the additive manufacturing programme within Sirris.

How industry will evolve in a 3D printing production environment is what occupies him every day.  Benjamin guides factories in their AM activities. His main focus consists of testing and certifying 3D printed parts.

Benjamin Denayer
Team Leader Additive Manufacturing

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