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UV Weathering test


A UV sunlight simulation or weathering test aims to accelerate the simulation of the harmful effects of sunlight in combination with temperature and humidity.

Can be applied to:

All materials and coatings sensible to UV


Test method standards:

EN ISO 6892-1, ISO 37, ISO 527, ISO 6892, ISO 4892, ASTM G154, ASTM G155, ASTM D2565, ASTM 4329


Test procedures:

1. QUV test with fluorescent lamps:

The QUV accelerated weathering tester is the simplest and most economical weathering test. Special fluorescent lamps simulate the harmful fraction of ultraviolet light in natural sunlight while dew and moisture are simulated by condensation or water spraying.

Variables in the test: type of lamps, intensity of the lamps, temperature and duration of periods of exposure and condensation. These are usually carried out cyclically. The samples form the wall of the appliance and are fixed in steel holders. A standard unit can hold up to 48 samples with dimensions of 75x150 mm. Larger steel holders 100 x 150 mm and 150 x 150 mm are available on request. The test is intended for flat samples with a maximum thickness of 20 mm. Slightly curved and deviating dimensions are also possible in some cases.

2. WOM test with Xenon Arc lamps:
Accelerated UV aging tests with Xenon-Arc lamps are used in combination with filters and form a better simulation of sunlight in the visible light area. This makes this aging test more suitable for evaluating coloured surfaces.

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