Welcome to Sirris Testlabs, your independent partner for material and product testing in Belgium. Our extensive network of high-tech labs and skilled experts
provides you with detailed reports and advice on tested materials, components or product samples.






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Looking for a custom test? 

We help quality managers, engineers, designers and others with their testing needs by
recommending standardised and custom tests. We either conduct these tests in-house or refer you to a trusted partner.

Overcoming substandard testing results

We are one of the few labs with the expertise to come up with a solution when your product is non-compliant with the applicable regulations, or when test results are unexpectedly below standard.


Why Sirris?

  • 1,100 test reports every year, 35 years of experience
  • 50 material and 20 regulatory experts
  • Clear test results within a few days
  • Part of an extensive international network
  • Certified by the Belgian Accreditation Institution
  • We provide testing trainings for your employees

Trusted by the most innovative businesses – large and small


AQUALEX develops drinking water systems and multifunctional design taps for chilled, sparkling and hot water. For the validation of new coatings, extensive tests are carried out to guarantee quality and durability.


Alpinter, a manufacturer of tents and other humanitarian aid supplies, called on Sirris to analyse the aluminium alloy of a new supplier.


Buzon, developer of polymer pedestals for terraces, has been approaching Sirris to perform tests for over 20 years, to guarantee the quality of their products.

About Sirris Testlabs

Since 1949, Sirris has been helping companies in Belgium to innovate. With our high-tech testing labs and our skilled material experts we want to support the Belgian manufacturing industry in testing and improving its products.

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