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WIENERBERGER, worldwide one of the largest producers of roof tiles, called on Sirris for testing the UV stability of varnished clay roof tiles.


TVH is the world leader in replacement parts and accessories for forklift trucks and industrial, construction and agricultural equipment.VH drew on Sirris’s wide range of materials tests and specialist analyses.


TechnoCampus is the main training centre for future professionals in Hainaut and Namur provinces.TechnoCampus has been asking Sirris to certify high-density polyethylene (HDPE) welders for many years.


AMW Industry, a mechanical workshop specialised in the manufacturing and repairs of parts for the industry and shipping sectors as well as hard coatings for metals, approached Sirris to investigate the effect of the condition of steel cylinder surfaces on coating adhesion.

 ECHT 2020

Sirris participated in ECHT 2020, a three-day conference on the carbon element in steel such as carburising, carbonitriding and also surface layers such as diamond-like carbon (DLC).


AMOS develops and produces high-precision bespoke optical and mechanical equipment.
As part of their aerospace projects, AMOS consulted Sirris regarding the production and testing of aerospace parts, specifically in terms of the thermal treatment of aluminium components and their 3D printing.


Rockfon is a leading manufacturer of acoustic suspended ceiling and wall solutions. The company needed more certainty over the quality of its products.


Reginox is a manufacturer of sinks, taps and worktops in stainless steel.To ensure the best possible finish, Reginox asked Sirris to evaluate the current system against innovative, potentially interesting coatings.


AQUALEX develops drinking water systems and multifunctional design taps for chilled, sparkling and hot water. For the validation of new coatings, extensive tests are carried out to guarantee quality and durability.


Alpinter, a manufacturer of tents and other humanitarian aid supplies, called on Sirris to analyse the aluminium alloy of a new supplier.


Buzon, developer of polymer pedestals for terraces, has been approaching Sirris to perform tests for over 20 years, to guarantee the quality of their products.


Accumalux regularly calls upon Sirris to perform mechanical tests or validate thermoplastic materials.


Cowboy worked together with Sirris on the e-bike design as well as standardised and customised testing.


VCL (VervolmakingsCentrum voor Lassers – Advanced Training Centre for Welders) trains and certifies welders working with metal

Jan De Nul

Jan De Nul has been using Sirris’ test laboratory for many years to check all the items supplied for its dredging installations.


ABC (Anglo Belgian Corporation) is a manufacturer of diesel and gas engines for locomotives, shipping and generator sets. 


Polymar specialises in plastics, but wanted to extend its product range for equestrian sports with items made from multi-materials. It turned to Sirris for testing and guidance.

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Since 1949, Sirris has been helping companies in Belgium to innovate. With our high-tech testing labs and our skilled material experts we want to support the Belgian manufacturing industry in testing and improving its products.

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