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The Reginox success story

Reginox is a manufacturer of sinks, taps and worktops in stainless steel. The company guarantees quality, from the purchase of raw material through the production process to a high-quality and durable finish.

An increasing demand for decorative, coloured finishes for sinks and taps has led to new developments and an expansion of the range in recent years. To ensure the best possible finish, Reginox asked Sirris to evaluate the current system against innovative, potentially interesting coatings.

For example, powder coatings, wet coatings, combinations of wet coatings and powder coatings, sol-gel coatings and PVD (physical vapour deposition) coatings were evaluated in terms of adhesion, scratch and abrasion resistance and stain resistance.

The tests have shown that Reginox does indeed have the best possible protection for their sinks. PVD coatings also received a positive evaluation and will soon be included in the range.

In this way, Reginox continues to combine design and quality.


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