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Extensive testing for diesel engines at ABC

ABC (Anglo Belgian Corporation) is a manufacturer of diesel and gas engines for locomotives, shipping and generator sets. The company regularly calls on Sirris for the development of new products and prototypes. The sister company in France or local suppliers will then cast these new items.

For testing, ABC relies on Sirris’ technical specialists because they have extensive expertise in several areas. They give advice to ABC about the right choices for a wide range of applications. Cast products and prototypes such as bearing caps and connecting rods made of forged steel are tested in the Sirris laboratory for their properties, composition and microstructure, as well as for the possible presence of shrinkage or casting errors.

In addition, certain tests can be carried out in Sirris’ accredited test lab, after which the necessary certificates can be issued if requested by customers. It is an extra reassurance for the customers, who place their trust in the company and its products, if an external audit organisation can confirm the quality level. By having tests carried out at Sirris, ABC can count on correct analyses, delivered on short notice and competitively priced.

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