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Delivery address: Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 66, 9052 Gent

About Lab Ghent

Our testlab in Ghent focusses mainly on ferrous and non-ferrous metal testing. It offers a wide range of characterization tests that reveal chemical, mechanical and metallographic properties, as well as non-destructive testing. Quality and independence are proven by the annual Belac ISO 17025 accreditation.  Besides quality testing, its expertise also lies in failure analysis, corrosion processes and foundry technology.

Our lab is embedded in the Materials research cluster ( and is located close to the Materials and Metals departments of UGent. The MRC partnership joins more than 200 scientists, technologists and technicians under one roof. Together with the other partners, we can actively convey the acquired knowledge about materials to the companies and guarantee a broad, multidisciplinary range of material tests.

About Sirris Testlabs

Since 1949, Sirris has been helping companies in Belgium to innovate. With our high-tech testing labs and our skilled material experts we want to support the Belgian manufacturing industry in testing and improving its products.

We are ISO 9001 certified and the laboratory is accredited by BELAC, the Belgian accreditation organisation, under the certificate
n° 232-TEST ISO 17025.



+32 493 31 06 40



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