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About Lab Liège

Our testing facilities in Seraing (Liège) include the characterisation of a complete range of physical, mechanical and thermal properties of plastics, composites, 3D printed structures and elastomers. The facility is equipped with micro and macroscopy and specialises in specific know how on ageing testing (UV testing, climate chambers, vibration, etc). In co-operation with the gas distribution sector (like RESA, Fluxys,…) the lab developed specific tests for validating the performance of plastic gas distribution tubes. This lab also has a strong reputation in adhesive bonding testing.

About Sirris Testlabs

Since 1949, Sirris has been helping companies in Belgium to innovate. With our high-tech testing labs and our skilled material experts we want to support the Belgian manufacturing industry in testing and improving its products.

We are ISO 9001 certified and the laboratory is accredited by BELAC, the Belgian accreditation organisation, under the certificate
n° 232-TEST ISO 17025.



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