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Adhesion test


Analysis of the adhesion of a coating on a substrate.

Can be applied to:

Ceramic and wet-chemical coatings


Test method standards:

ISO 2409, ISO 4578, ISO 4624, ASTM D4541, VDI 3198,

ISO 20502


Test procedures:

1. Cross-cut test for wet chemical coatings

Adhesion test in which a lattice patern is cut into the coating penetrating the substrate. Subsequently, standardised adhesive tape is applied onto the lettice pattern and then pulled off.

A ranking is assigned based on the percentage of released coating.

2. Pull-off dolly adhesion test for wet chemical coatings

Adhesion test in which a dolly is glued to the test surface. After drying the adhesive and cutting it off from the test surface, the force required to pull the dolly off is measured.

3. Daimler Benz test for ceramic/metallic coatings

This test uses a Rockwell C-type cone indenter with an applied load of 150 kg. Next, the edge of the impression is analysed using an optical microscope and, depending on the defects (cracks and delamination), a class HF1-6 is assigned.

4. Reve scratch test for ceramic/metallic coatings

Using a diamond tip, a scratch is made in the coating at a linearly increasing load up to a maximum of 200 N.  By optical analysis of the scratch, the critical length Lc of adhesion loss or crack formation can be determined. This gives us information about the cause of the failure.

5.  Floating roller method

Peel resistance of high-strength adhesive bonds.

Lead time:

5 business days


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