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Climate chamber test


The performance and quality of materials and coatings under extreme climate conditions (such as temperature or humidity) can be evaluated in a climate chamber. 

Can be applied to:

All materials and coatings sensitive to temperature and humidity


 Test procedures:

1. Climate chamber cabinet
Small samples and testing panels can be placed in a climate chamber cabinet that can be cyclically adjusted to temperatures ranging from -40°C to +150°C and a relative humidity of 10% to 95%.

Test method standards:
ISO 9142, ASTM D618


2. Large climate chamber (unique)

We’re the proud owner of a large climate chamber, unique in Europe. We use the chamber to test very large machines or product parts. The large interior dimensions (10.6m x 7m x 8m test space), a temperature test range from -60°C to +60°C  and more than 150 tonnes of weight capacity enable us to test heavy machinery or validate multiple prototypes in one test run.

Common standards for testing of adhesive joints are ISO 9142 cycle A (building materials) and ISO 9142 cycle B (automotive).

3. Ice Spray Test Array

Our large climate chamber is equipped with an ice spray test array, which can be mounted at different angles. The setup contains 25 ice nozzles, each with an ice spray that has a range of 22-30m², and forms different types of ice (rime/glazed/mixed).

It is suitable for validation testing of:

  • Anti-ice / de-icing solutions

Heat trace & heating strategy

Coatings / functional surfaces

  • Ice monitoring and detection technologies
  • Ice rupture and ice blockage

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