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Contact angle measurement


A contact angle measurement is an analysis of the interaction between surface tension of a liquid and surface energy of a coating, representing the hydrophobic/hydrophilic and oleophobic/oleophilic properties.

Can be applied to:

Coatings, material surfaces


Test method standards:

ISO 19403-2


Test procedure:

A small droplet (µL) of a liquid is placed on the surface by using the dosing unit. The image of the droplet on the surface is captured using an optical camera. The contact angle is calculated by the software after defining the base line and droplet shape. Usually the static contact angles are measured but in practice a dynamic phenomenon of contact angle hysteresis is formed between the maximum (advancing) and minimum (receding) contact angles. Most common liquids which are used are water, diiodomethane and hexadecane but the use of other liquids is possible upon request.

For super hydrophobic surfaces, in addition to water contact angles, roll-off angles  are also used to characterise a surface.

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