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Density measurement


Measurement of the density through different procedures.

Can be applied to:

Granular materials, solids, thermoplastics, composites, coatings, metals, 3D prints


Test method standards:

ISO 1183


Test procedures:

1. Tapped density with the Granupack

The Granupack is a fully automated instrument based on test compaction. Its function is to provide information on the flow property, diffusion and percolation of granular materials. The behaviour of the powder submitted to successive taps is analysed with an automatised device.

In this test we measure the density on granules or injected parts. We can also weigh  parts or granules in different immersion media in order to measure the density of the material.

2. Pycnometer

This is a laboratory device used for measuring the density or, more accurately, the volume of solids, which are either regularly shaped, porous or non-porous, monolithic, powdered, granular or in some way grinded. It uses a method of gas displacement and the volume-pressure relationship known as Boyle’s Law.

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