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Flexural test


Analysis of the flexural strength and plastic deformation ability of a material or coating.

Can be applied to:

Metals, plastics, composites, ceramics, coatings


Test method standards:

ISO 178, ISO 14130, ISO 14125, ISO 6860, ASTM D522, ISO 1519, ASTM D2344, ASTM D790, ASTM 7264 


Test procedures:

1. Three-point bending test

A prismatic piece of material of considerable length is placed on 2 rolls and loaded in the middle with a transverse force. This makes it possible to determine the force at which a deflection occurs.

2. Mandrel test

The elasticity of a coating can be evaluated by using a test panel to bend a round cylinder or conical tube. After the test, the coating is checked for damage or the elongation is calculated.

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