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Impact test


This test measures the impact resistance of a material or coating and studies how a material absorbs the energy during an impact.

Can be applied to:

metals, plastics, composites, coatings


Test method standards:

EN ISO 148-1, ISO 179, ISO 148, ISO 6272, ASTM D2794


Test procedures:

1. Charpy test

The Charpy impact test or Charpy V-notch test is a standardised test which determines the amount of energy absorbed by a material during fracture. We conduct these tests with notched test bars and/or a pendulum hammer to create the impact.

The test can be conducted at different low temperatures to simulate the behaviour of the material in real industrial conditions.

2. Falling Dart Pass/Fail test

The falling dart or impact test is a common test to check the flexibility, adhesion and impact resistance of a coating.

The test can either be used as a pass/fail test to check if a coating matches a predefined specification, given by a minimum height of a falling dart with specific diameter and weight. The coating surface after impact is evaluated and should be free of cracks or coating delamination.

The impact resistance of a coating can also be expressed by a combination of height and weight at which the coating shows the first signs of damage.


Lead time:

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