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Layer Thickness measurement


Determination of the layer thickness, for both organic and ceramic/metallic coatings, in a destructive or non-destructive way.

Can be applied to:

Organic, ceramic and metallic coatings


Test method standards:

ISO 3497, ISO 15549


Test procedures:

1. Calotest

This is a quick test for the determination of the layer thickness of thin ceramic coatings (500 nm to 50 µm). By rotating a metal ball over the surface and at the same time applying diamond paste to the surface, a crater is created. The layer thickness can then be determined by means of microscopy. Applicable on flat plates with a minimum size of 20 x 20 mm.

2. XRF

This is a non-destructive layer thickness measurement via X-ray fluorescence. Mainly used for PVD coatings. Calibration curves are established using reference samples of known thicknesses.

3. Magnetic induction/ eddy current thickness measurement

A fast non-destructive technique for measuring coating thickness on metal substrates. With magnetic induction, thickness measurement is performed using a probe capable of measuring the difference in the magnetic field which is in correlation with the coating thickness. This method is able to measure organic or non-magnetic coatings on ferrous metal substrates.

With eddy current, thickness measurements use a similar process of electromagnetic induction and are used to measure the thickness of non-destructive coatings on non-ferrous metal substrates.

4. Cross section

A destructive method for determining layer thicknesses on different substrates by creating a vertical cut. After embedding and polishing, microscopic images and software can be used to measure the layer thickness.

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