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Photocatalytic test


The activity of a photocatalyctic surface can be evaluated by decomposition of an organic dye such as methylene blue (ISO 10678) or by monitoring the decomposition of an organic pollution (oleic acid) by contact angle measurement (ISO 27448).

Can be applied to:

Coatings, composites, plastics

Test method standards:

 ISO 10677, ISO 10678, ISO 27448, ISO 19810

Test procedure:

Using the methylene blue test, small samples (< 15 cm²) are placed in a methylene blue solution. When radiated with ultraviolet light, the blue color will start to degrade due to the photocatalytic action of the test sample. By following the discoloration, one can calculate the photocatalytic activity of the sample.

In the contact angle test, the degradation of a thin layer of organic oleic acid is monitored by means of water contact angle measurements. The rate at which the degradation takes place, is an indication of efficiency.

The use of methylene blue is recommended for coatings used in water treatment, while the contact angle method is used for testing self-cleaning coatings.

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