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Residual stress measurement


Residual or internal stresses in metallic materials are measured by means of X-ray diffraction.

The equipment available at Sirris is unique in Belgium and has two major benefits:

1. By means of selected material removal by electrochemical polishing, it is possible to measure stress depth profiles.

2. The equipment is portable (and 100% safe), allowing on-site measurement of parts of any size (provided that the area of interest is accessible to the system).

Can be applied to:


Currently equipped for: iron/steel, aluminium alloys, titanium alloys, nickel alloys

Test method standards:

Test procedure:

A 300W X-ray tube generates X-rays that are diffracted by the material. The incident angle is varied from approximately -45° to +45° to the surface normal. Based on changes in de diffraction signal as a function of incident angle, elastic strains in the material are determined and from those the stress state in the material is calculated.
Both on-site and laboratory measurements are possible. For on-site measurements, a 220/240 V power supply is needed and the possibility to mark out a safety zone of 3 m around the device (measurement of the X-ray intensity indicated that at a distance of 2 m, no X-rays can be detected anymore).

A safety cabinet is available in our laboratory to perform measurements on smaller parts. The flexibility of the equipment allows us to investigate non-destructively residual stresses on real parts on larger and more complex shaped parts than with traditional laboratory X-ray stress measurement devices, instead of having to use test coupons or pieces cut from larger parts.

In one full day, approximately 40 surface measurements can be done on a steel part, or 3-4 depth profiles (depending on the conditions of measurement and the part itself)

Lead time:

5-10 business days for short measurements in our lab
Lead time for on-site measurements and larger projects: to be discussed.



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