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Roughness measurement


Analysis of surface texture using pen profile measurement (contact method) or optical profile analysis (non-contact method).

Can be applied to:

Metals, composites, plastics, 3D prints, coatings and other surfaces


Test method standards:

ISO 4288, ISO 4287/1, ISO 13565-1


Test procedures:

  1. Pen profile measurement

A drive unit moves a pen over the test surface while fluctuations of roughness are recorded and transformed into a roughness profile. A software allows easy calculations of common values such as Ra (mean surface roughness) and Rz (difference between peaks and valleys) or Rp and Rt values.

  1. Optical confocal microscope

Non-contact method using microscope and laser source to obtain high resolution, 3D surface analysis which allows for profile and roughness measurements.

Lead time:

5 business days


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