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Taber abraser test


The resistance to wear or abrasion is evaluated by loading a test sample under a certain pressure with an abrasive body in a linear or rotary motion. This causes micro scratches or abrasion of the material with negative effects on the appearance or functional properties of a product.

Can be applied to:

Coatings, plastics, composites, metals


Test procedures:

1. Linear Taber® test

A linear taber® tester uses a freely movable arm and test head that performs a linear motion making this test also suitable for the evaluation of flat and slightly curved surfaces. Stroke length, load, speed and abrasives are adjustable and allow realistic wear conditions to be simulated. In addition to using standardised abrasives of different hardness grades in accordance with ASTM D4060, Sirris can also perform a Crockmeter test or set up a customer specific test aimed at a specific application.

2.Circular Taber® test

The rotary or circular taber® tester is used in many industries to determine the wear resistance of (coated) materials according to ASTM D4060. The flat samples are mounted on a steel table on which abrasive wheels with variable loads are placed. By rotating the steel table, friction is created, caused by contact with the wheels that rotate in the opposite direction. The degree of weathering depends on the type of wheels, the load and the number of cycles performed.

The degree of wear is expressed as Taber wear index as a measure of weight loss. In addition, a loss of color, gloss or transparency can also give a picture of the wear evolution by measuring it after a different number of revolutions.

Steel preparation

Only suitable for flat substrates. Dimensions 10x10 cm square plate or round shape with a diameter of 10 cm. For a weight loss test, the maximum weight per sample is limited to 220 g.

Depending on the thickness of the samples, a hole with different diameters must be provided.

Flexible samples can best be applied on a steel holder or can be clamped with a special ring holder.

Lead time:

5 business days

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