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Tensile test


A test sample of standardised dimensions is subjected to a tensile force until a fracture occurs. This provides information on the strength properties of the material and the plastic deformations it can obtain.

Can be applied to:

metals, plastics, composites, coatings

Test method standards:

EN ISO 6892-1, ISO 37, ISO 527, ISO 6892, ISO 2740,
ASTM 3039

Test procedure:

The tensile test can be performed on materials as well as product components or full products.

We have test benches of different strengths (200 kN, 1200 kN), suitable for light to very strong materials. The applicable tensile bench is chosen according to the size and type of material or component.

You provide us with a sample in a predetermined form and size (according to standard or need) or we prepare the sample in our workshop.

The sample is clamped in the device, then the force is increased at a specified rate until a breakage occurs. This usually takes a few minutes, but can take up to 2 hours. The test provides a stress vs strain diagram from which different parameters are derived. Good for the determination of tensile strength, yield strength, strain hardening and softening, rupture, elongation, necking region, constriction and elasticity mode.

Lead time:

5 business days



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