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Tests on thermoplastic welded assemblies


Verification tests of welding performance on PE assemblies (polyethylene)-  used for GAS and Water distribution, butt joint method, sleeves or seats of elements used for gas or water distribution.

Can be applied to:

PE thermoplastics


Test method standards:

ISO 13953, ISO 13954, ISO 13955, ISO 13956


Test procedure:

The tests comply with the Synergrid procedures.

  1. Pullout tests
    The samples are prepared and cut according to the recommendations of the standard and the seat is subjected to tension/pullout of the tube.

  1. Pullout test on an electro-welded assembly (tube & seat)
    The samples are prepared and cut according to the recommendations of the standard and are then subjected to a tensile force.

  1. Tests of peeling (sleeves)
    The sleeves are cut and prepared to obtain 4 or 8 peeling samples. The samples are placed on the test machine and are loaded so as to stress the welded part. Either the sample is correctly welded and the tube fractures, or conversely the weld gives in and enables its analysis.

  1. Test of peeling on electro-welded assembly, tube & sleeve
    The assemblies are cut to obtain 4 or 8 samples which are subjected to peeling forces. There are two outcomes: tube fracture or fracture in the plane of the turns. In the latter case, the fracture facies have to be analysed.

  1. Tensile tests (butt joint) 
    From 4 to 7 samples are produced on the tube according to the tube diameter. Each sample undergoes a tensile test – the weld will give in either in brittle fracture, i.e. suddenly if it was not produced correctly, or on the contrary, it will result in ductile failure and the PE will extend.

  1. Tests of compression (sleeve)
    The assembly is cut in 2 lengthwise and in the middle of the sleeve to obtain 4 samples. Each sample undergoes a test of compression between plates, in order to check the assembly.

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