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Thermomechanical Analysis (Mettler Toledo TMA/SDTA 2+)


Determination of changes in dimensions as function of temperature or time.

Can be applied to:

Metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, composites, film, pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals

Test method standards:

ISO 11359 

Test procedure:

The sample is introduced into the TMA. Changes in dimensions are measured as function of temperature or time.


Small – large sample needed (max length 20 mm), temperature range 20 to 1600°C, N2 flow. Measurement range ± 5 mm. force range -0.1 – 1.0 N, Frequency range 0.01-1 Hz.


softening, crystallisation, solid-solid transitions, viscoelastic behaviour, creep behaviour, sintering high-performance ceramics, delamination of composites, shrinkage behaviour of films, gel formation, swelling behaviour of elastomers, curing of resins, etc.

Lead time:

2 business days



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