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Ultrasonic test


 This is a non-destructive test method that uses sound waves to detect faults and cracks in the material. The method is also useful for measuring thickness.

Can be applied to:



Test method standards:

EN12680-1, EN12680-2, EN12680-3, EN1371-1, EN1371-2


Test procedure:

An ultrasound transducer connected to a diagnostic machine is passed over the object being inspected. The transducer is typically separated from the test object by a couplant (such as oil) or by water, as in immersion testing.

A probe sends a sound wave into a test material. There are two indications, one from the initial pulse of the probe, and the second due to the back wall echo. A defect creates a third indication and simultaneously reduces the amplitude of the back wall indication.

The technique is not only used to identify internal defects but also to measure wall thicknesses.

Based on the sound velocity the graphite structure in cast iron can be characterised by ultrasonic testing.


Lead time:

Depends on sample size


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