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Jan De Nul has been using Sirris’ test laboratory for many years to check all the items supplied for its dredging installations. The Belgian dredging company relies on Sirris to test the mechanical properties, composition and structure of rolled profiles, cast and forged items. In this way, damage or breakdowns that would lead to a standstill of the dredging installations can be avoided. After all, cutting teeth and related installations are highly subject to wear and tear. Sirris tests all parts for wear resistance and helps to optimise the composition and heat treatment of parts.

Sirris’ accreditation within the framework of national and international standards is an important added value for Jan De Nul. After all, clients around the world demand that all test results are supported by standards. The mutual cooperation helps the company in its international growth strategy: the company is constantly looking for new challenges and it is a good thing that Sirris helps in the evaluation of materials. Quality remains crucial and must be guaranteed at all times.

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