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Certification of polyethylene welding sample at VCL



VCL (VervolmakingsCentrum voor Lassers – Advanced Training Centre for Welders) trains and certifies welders working with metal and polyethylene (PE). PE pipes are used for gas and water distribution and must therefore comply with the standards issued by Synergrid, the distribution system operator. Every PE welder must have a welding passport, which needs to be renewed annually via a theory exam and a practical test. Every certification involves approving the welder under the supervision of Vinçotte, the authorised inspection and certification organisation. Every week welders can take the approval test at VCL in accordance with the prevailing standards for gas and water distribution companies. The test welds must be examined by an authorised third-party laboratory. Stringent guidelines apply to the test welds: all tests must be carried out in an ISO 17025-accredited laboratory which has the appropriate equipment and which can deliver an in-depth and substantiated report with the test results. This is all done within a short period of just 10 working days.

The Sirris testlab for plastics complies with all of these requirements. For welds that fail, images are provided to explain the possible causes of faults more clearly, along with any necessary explanations of how and why the fault arose. VCL has found in Sirris a reliable partner with the right expertise and rapid response for ensuring that their intense cooperation runs efficiently and smoothly.

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